Case studies of our friends.

Hey Guys, Bobby here. I am going to be conducting a few case studies and breaking down the owners and their process’ that have gotten them the results they were going for. We have a good group of entrepreneurs that we are going to be covering and we want to bring you the most value and insight on these business icons. We are going to be starting with our friend James at Hail Restore of OKC and Dallas. There is a lot to learn from such a driven man. He has a lot going for him and will not stop until his goals are met. Check him out here

The stars have aligned and we are on a roll.

I had a great meeting this morning with a handful of entrepreneurs and we are going to be starting a new chapter in the group. We are taking 5 of our guests and creating a new platform to have discussions on and create huge value for our fans. There will be a discussion on we monetization skills, wealth accumulation, finances, internet marketing with funnels, and a list of other tools to assist us in our quest for the life we all want and dream of we all need to have the ability to get ahead and we are going to be sharing that with you guys in our online training platform. We will have a section menu that will help you get the information you need and want that is most relevant to you at that time.

the menu is going to consist of the following.

Renting luxury cars, luxury watch brokering, yacht rentals, private jet brokering Real estate holdings strategies and real world market trading from one of the best in the industry. Our co-founder of Rock Asylum Foundation, James is going to be showing you the lucrative industry of Auto Dent Removal and how he grew a company from scratch into a multi 7 figure career.  It’s a huge opportunity for all you young entrepreneurs to see in real life what it takes to go to the top. James will show you the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly experiences you will encounter in the business world. It’s going to be epic on many counts and we hope you enjoy this and get a ton of value. I’ll be posting more on this subject but for now, I’ll see you on the flip side! Rock on,


The guys that are the visionaries are the ones we should listen to.

We all know that one person that when you talk to them it’s like watching a movie. They have such a vision that they can make you see it. They are so convicted that the opportunity is there and they will make a big step towards it and make it happen. Look at Henry Ford. The assembly line that changed the world or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. They both had two very similar qualities and industry changing leaders. They both saw the future. Or did they. I believe that they created their own futures and changed the world. They both knew that if there was any way that things would be better for us all it was up to them. We all have the same capabilities as they two titans of the world. You just have to look at the bigger picture, don’t’ be a victim of the circumstances and rise to the occasion as these to marvels did and you will start seeing changes in your own life.

Guys and girls go check out their books below. Two great reads for anyone that is interested in seeing what these giants did to change the world.

That’s all for now guys,


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The best thing about being a mentor to the young entrepreneurs

I have had the privilege to be a mentor to a host of amazing young men and women and they all have this one thing in common. It’s not the color of their skin, it’s not the clothes they wear. No, It’s much deeper than that. It’s their courage and discipline that is so amazing and they all exude it. I have had an unreal time with these young professionals. They act as if there will be no tomorrow and they must accomplish their daily task with such a sense of urgency that it would make the average person motion sick from the speed at which they travel and the amount of action they take to get the job done. Not only done but done well.

Success is not just a monetarily based thing. it’s much more actually. The sense that you have accomplished a list a mile long is a great feeling. Most of these folks have knocked it out before noon. They have an opinion as to what the challenges they face are in our current economic state of the United states. But, that does not slow them down for a second. The most extraordinary gentle I was just able to be introduced to is on a level all his own in the industry that reshaped dented up sheet metal on vehicles around the world. He is a young entrepreneur and husband to a model of a wife and has a daughter which will give any baby pageant contestant a run for their money. He was telling me on our last business development meeting that he and his crew are looking to expand into the Dallas ,Tx market this year and will hope to exceed sales in the are of 7-8 million in just a short ten-month period. We have been blessed said James the man with the iron will and owner of the exceptional hail damage repair company based in Oklahoma City.  He stated that the insurance companies have been good to us in the wake of all the hail damage that we have seen over the years. He expects to grow into more territories by 2018 and have a strong hold on the entire south and midwest. They had been deemed the best in the south throughout the hail damaged towns they seek out.

We all have a purpose in life and it takes most people through many scenarios of success and failure before they have found the why the search for.

Have you found yours?


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Read of the day to help you find you’re why.

I will be posting more books that are a must read.





Work ethic is a dying necessity.

What’s the one thing we hope to instill in all of our children as we raise them? Our parents made sure we were taught it. Well most of us…That’s right work ethic. We are running into a shortage of this rare commodity. Is it the lack of kids having work force skills, training at a young age, or that they see the way that their parents in the – Middle Class – are going through in this economic situation we are in right now. Soon to be a collapse of gigantic proportions. The middle class is in a squeeze by the government. There are more baby boomers right now that will outlive their savings. The day of staying at a job and having a lifelong career are old days fodder. This day and age is a whole new beast. We are in an era that is technology geared and a lot of people have not taking the proper step of preparing their skill sets to adapt to the occasion of being replaced by technology. They were sold that they should play everything safe and save their money to save and live off of. What they weren’t told was that they should have been saving to invest. There is no way you can save enough to live well and take care of all the little or big problems that arise when you least expect it. The day’s of depending on a single income is also a becoming a problem for the middle class. Child care is becoming more than the average household can afford due to stagnant wages in the U.S. economy. a lot of families are forced to stay home with the children due to it being cheaper than going to work and paying for child care. It’s insane!! The middle class is not really the middle class. It’s a broken system like our government. The best thing anyone can do is try to create more income now a day’s. Whether that’s starting a business on the side for supplemental income or a second job. It’s now a way of life to have a mentality of do whatever it takes. When the odds are stacked against a person that’s when you will become more resourceful. That’s when things start to shift. I have seen first hand the effects of having your ass against the wall. It is one of the greatest blessings i’ve been given. The day i realized i have to do something or lose my business was the day i made a change to create a new way to do things and make several different streams of income. It’s when you get to the grit that you start to shine and innovate. I have many mentors that will tell you that if you want to succeed then you have to do the work. Even when you don’t want to do it anyways. Average people will not do whatever it takes to see the end goals of true success and financial freedom. Watch my mentor Andy at First Phorm and The MFCEO project talk about doing the work.

Andy is a true inspiration that will not put the fluff on anything you have to know about how to get to your end game of a successful life. He is a young entrepreneur and his skill set has proven a winning formula that has taken him and his teams to the winner’s circle in the supplement industry.

Why we must set goals and stick to them

the big hillIn business and in life I believe that success is important. I believe that we should always be striving to improve, to increase, to get to the top! As we do those things it

When you look at life and business we must understand that success is very important. It’s apparent that we should always be striving to improve on ourselves.

When we become successful we become aware of all the good we can do for people and create a way of life that is a true blessing. There is an old saying i have seen so many times “ it’s the journey not the destination”. But, don’t you think you should know where you are going? Absolutely! We seem to forget that in order to go somewhere you must know where you are going and how to get there. Though I get that phrase and certainly agree, I have to admit that it is easier said than done. Sometimes I am so fixated on the goal – the top – that I forget to enjoy  and celebrate the accomplishments along the way. However, you celebrate quickly and get back on track. Don’t get derailed from the main objective. Have you ever done that? It’s happened to the best of us. But with training and discipline you can stay focused and prevail.

As a part of my daily workout routine I enjoy running. Sometimes a nice long run, other times an all out sprint. I love the pounding of my heart and the burning in my lungs as i build a sense of accomplishment. I know that may sound odd if you’re not a runner, but it just makes me feel awesome! My favorite part of running though is Hills! Nothing is more challenging and gratifying. I have my favorite hill by my neighborhood in Country club. As I charged up toward the top I had this revelation that successfully running up a steep hill requires the same  formula that succeeding in life does! Think about that for a minute.I realized that it’s all about my FOCUS. I don’t mean not letting my mind wander and ignoring the task at hand – though that is very important too. I mean where am I looking with my eyes? If I looked up and focussed on the TOP, it seemed very daunting and I started  to wonder if I would ever make it to the the top. So I decided to look straight down – right in front of my feet and focused there on one step at a time. Guess what ? I almost ran off a freaking cliff! However, when I focused my eyes about 10 feet in front of me the hill seemed to fade away. The road was still flat – and more manageable even though i was still on that hill! I was able to enjoy the view and  before I knew it, I reached the top – SUCCESS!

I believe the same holds true in life. If our eyes are always focused on the top – the goal, it can seem a so far away. But, It can seem like it’s unattainable and this will cause many people to quit! Not only on their goals but also on trying anything new that they may feel they will get the same results from. It’s almost like our brains are programmed that way. Fear is what kills most dreams and the satisfaction of ever reaching any goal set forth. Funny thing is. That Fear is nothing more than False Events Appearing Real.

However, if we can learn to set our goals – whatever our mountaintop is – and can focus on the attainable future we can achieve the impossible beyond our greatest fears (that preverbal 10 feet in front of us) we can get there. It allows us to make the ultimate goal more manageable. It allows us to enjoy the view along the way and it allows us to celebrate the smaller accomplishments that will ultimately make up our greater success!

Thanks for reading along on this short post! I appreciate your attention and would love to hear your comments. As for me  – I’m off for a jog! Let’s make this an awesome week! Be great! Nothing else pays. Much.


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