Be you and only you.


What’s up, guys? Bobby here. I wanted to talk to you guys today about the importance of being yourself in life and business. Being genuine holds a special place in the business world and in your personal settings. We have all seen the posers and wanna be’s, but, that’s doing it all wrong. We have all seen the girls taking selfies and trying to be like  a Kardashian even down to the hip injections.

There is no value in being a watered down version of someone else. you have to be authentic and be a person that is truthful and transparent. When you are dealing with customers or family they all have their very fine-tuned bullshit receptors on and in full force. We understand that mentors can rub off on us and when we say to emulate them, we don’t mean to copy them exactly down to how they talk and walk. Be you and everything will be right in the world.


The best part of owning a business in todays economy.

With the new age economy its a bit of a challenge owning an business right? That’s right. We face many challenges with regulations, tax reforms, and client retention in a very noisy environment.  We have to remember that the reason we got into business other than for the money is because as entrepreneurs we are always up for a challenge. That’s the American way guys. We didn’t have this country founded because of average little think. It was our fore fathers that saw a challenge arise and we had to be great and rule the continent with order and law. That’s pretty much how business is too. You have to be ready to act and be a boss of your business and create whatever you want, how you want, when you want. Thats the American way and we as business owners have to remember one thing. We are the reason jobs are made and people are dependent on us to create a everlasting life of hope for them. We can’t cower to the little every day fears that we all see and we also can’t be subject to new problems that arise when new laws and rules are setup by the government. We must change the direction of our sails and sail with the with winds of change. Their is no way that giving up or backing down will allow us to prosper in this new age and dominate our fears without some sort of progression. Guys never give up and always stay sharp. Guys the best part of beinga business owner is that you are the one that can say, ok today we win or we fail. Its up to you. No one else can decide what you do and if you win or lose. Thanks for reading i hop this gave som inspiration to you all. comment below or reach me at this link



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The 10X Rule


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