Be you and only you.


What’s up, guys? Bobby here. I wanted to talk to you guys today about the importance of being yourself in life and business. Being genuine holds a special place in the business world and in your personal settings. We have all seen the posers and wanna be’s, but, that’s doing it all wrong. We have all seen the girls taking selfies and trying to be like  a Kardashian even down to the hip injections.

There is no value in being a watered down version of someone else. you have to be authentic and be a person that is truthful and transparent. When you are dealing with customers or family they all have their very fine-tuned bullshit receptors on and in full force. We understand that mentors can rub off on us and when we say to emulate them, we don’t mean to copy them exactly down to how they talk and walk. Be you and everything will be right in the world.


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Hi I’m Bobby Flame and i am an entrepreneur that is ready to help teach other young entrepreneurs on their journey to the top.

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