The best thing about being a mentor to the young entrepreneurs

I have had the privilege to be a mentor to a host of amazing young men and women and they all have this one thing in common. It’s not the color of their skin, it’s not the clothes they wear. No, It’s much deeper than that. It’s their courage and discipline that is so amazing and they all exude it. I have had an unreal time with these young professionals. They act as if there will be no tomorrow and they must accomplish their daily task with such a sense of urgency that it would make the average person motion sick from the speed at which they travel and the amount of action they take to get the job done. Not only done but done well.

Success is not just a monetarily based thing. it’s much more actually. The sense that you have accomplished a list a mile long is a great feeling. Most of these folks have knocked it out before noon. They have an opinion as to what the challenges they face are in our current economic state of the United states. But, that does not slow them down for a second. The most extraordinary gentle I was just able to be introduced to is on a level all his own in the industry that reshaped dented up sheet metal on vehicles around the world. He is a young entrepreneur and husband to a model of a wife and has a daughter which will give any baby pageant contestant a run for their money. He was telling me on our last business development meeting that he and his crew are looking to expand into the Dallas ,Tx market this year and will hope to exceed sales in the are of 7-8 million in just a short ten-month period. We have been blessed said James the man with the iron will and owner of the exceptional hail damage repair company based in Oklahoma City.  He stated that the insurance companies have been good to us in the wake of all the hail damage that we have seen over the years. He expects to grow into more territories by 2018 and have a strong hold on the entire south and midwest. They had been deemed the best in the south throughout the hail damaged towns they seek out.

We all have a purpose in life and it takes most people through many scenarios of success and failure before they have found the why the search for.

Have you found yours?


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