The guys that are the visionaries are the ones we should listen to.

We all know that one person that when you talk to them it’s like watching a movie. They have such a vision that they can make you see it. They are so convicted that the opportunity is there and they will make a big step towards it and make it happen. Look at Henry Ford. The assembly line that changed the world or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. They both had two very similar qualities and industry changing leaders. They both saw the future. Or did they. I believe that they created their own futures and changed the world. They both knew that if there was any way that things would be better for us all it was up to them. We all have the same capabilities as they two titans of the world. You just have to look at the bigger picture, don’t’ be a victim of the circumstances and rise to the occasion as these to marvels did and you will start seeing changes in your own life.

Guys and girls go check out their books below. Two great reads for anyone that is interested in seeing what these giants did to change the world.

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