Thank you for visiting my new site.

Hey what’s up guys and girls? Bobby Flame here coming at you from the heart of Texas. I am so excited to be

able to drop down the information i have learned over the years working with some really great companies.

There is a ton of value that will be posted here so be sure to like us and add us to your rss feed list. We will be rolling out a podcast later this quarter and will have some big name guest drop in to tell you what you need to know about the wild world of business. We are going to be putting some really influential business owners up on our site and some of the great information about how they got where they are. It’s not walk in the park and these Players are no joke. From millionaires to billionaires we have them all. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and we hope you take away some inspiration as you hear the stories of these business warriors and what they did to get to the top.

So stay tuned until i get an itchy finger to write about the greats of our time in this new digital, social, business ran world. Until then be great!



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Hi I’m Bobby Flame and i am an entrepreneur that is ready to help teach other young entrepreneurs on their journey to the top.

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