Why we must set goals and stick to them

the big hillIn business and in life I believe that success is important. I believe that we should always be striving to improve, to increase, to get to the top! As we do those things it

When you look at life and business we must understand that success is very important. It’s apparent that we should always be striving to improve on ourselves.

When we become successful we become aware of all the good we can do for people and create a way of life that is a true blessing. There is an old saying i have seen so many times “ it’s the journey not the destination”. But, don’t you think you should know where you are going? Absolutely! We seem to forget that in order to go somewhere you must know where you are going and how to get there. Though I get that phrase and certainly agree, I have to admit that it is easier said than done. Sometimes I am so fixated on the goal – the top – that I forget to enjoy  and celebrate the accomplishments along the way. However, you celebrate quickly and get back on track. Don’t get derailed from the main objective. Have you ever done that? It’s happened to the best of us. But with training and discipline you can stay focused and prevail.

As a part of my daily workout routine I enjoy running. Sometimes a nice long run, other times an all out sprint. I love the pounding of my heart and the burning in my lungs as i build a sense of accomplishment. I know that may sound odd if you’re not a runner, but it just makes me feel awesome! My favorite part of running though is Hills! Nothing is more challenging and gratifying. I have my favorite hill by my neighborhood in Country club. As I charged up toward the top I had this revelation that successfully running up a steep hill requires the same  formula that succeeding in life does! Think about that for a minute.I realized that it’s all about my FOCUS. I don’t mean not letting my mind wander and ignoring the task at hand – though that is very important too. I mean where am I looking with my eyes? If I looked up and focussed on the TOP, it seemed very daunting and I started  to wonder if I would ever make it to the the top. So I decided to look straight down – right in front of my feet and focused there on one step at a time. Guess what ? I almost ran off a freaking cliff! However, when I focused my eyes about 10 feet in front of me the hill seemed to fade away. The road was still flat – and more manageable even though i was still on that hill! I was able to enjoy the view and  before I knew it, I reached the top – SUCCESS!

I believe the same holds true in life. If our eyes are always focused on the top – the goal, it can seem a so far away. But, It can seem like it’s unattainable and this will cause many people to quit! Not only on their goals but also on trying anything new that they may feel they will get the same results from. It’s almost like our brains are programmed that way. Fear is what kills most dreams and the satisfaction of ever reaching any goal set forth. Funny thing is. That Fear is nothing more than False Events Appearing Real.

However, if we can learn to set our goals – whatever our mountaintop is – and can focus on the attainable future we can achieve the impossible beyond our greatest fears (that preverbal 10 feet in front of us) we can get there. It allows us to make the ultimate goal more manageable. It allows us to enjoy the view along the way and it allows us to celebrate the smaller accomplishments that will ultimately make up our greater success!

Thanks for reading along on this short post! I appreciate your attention and would love to hear your comments. As for me  – I’m off for a jog! Let’s make this an awesome week! Be great! Nothing else pays. Much.


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