Work ethic is a dying necessity.

What’s the one thing we hope to instill in all of our children as we raise them? Our parents made sure we were taught it. Well most of us…That’s right work ethic. We are running into a shortage of this rare commodity. Is it the lack of kids having work force skills, training at a young age, or that they see the way that their parents in the – Middle Class – are going through in this economic situation we are in right now. Soon to be a collapse of gigantic proportions. The middle class is in a squeeze by the government. There are more baby boomers right now that will outlive their savings. The day of staying at a job and having a lifelong career are old days fodder. This day and age is a whole new beast. We are in an era that is technology geared and a lot of people have not taking the proper step of preparing their skill sets to adapt to the occasion of being replaced by technology. They were sold that they should play everything safe and save their money to save and live off of. What they weren’t told was that they should have been saving to invest. There is no way you can save enough to live well and take care of all the little or big problems that arise when you least expect it. The day’s of depending on a single income is also a becoming a problem for the middle class. Child care is becoming more than the average household can afford due to stagnant wages in the U.S. economy. a lot of families are forced to stay home with the children due to it being cheaper than going to work and paying for child care. It’s insane!! The middle class is not really the middle class. It’s a broken system like our government. The best thing anyone can do is try to create more income now a day’s. Whether that’s starting a business on the side for supplemental income or a second job. It’s now a way of life to have a mentality of do whatever it takes. When the odds are stacked against a person that’s when you will become more resourceful. That’s when things start to shift. I have seen first hand the effects of having your ass against the wall. It is one of the greatest blessings i’ve been given. The day i realized i have to do something or lose my business was the day i made a change to create a new way to do things and make several different streams of income. It’s when you get to the grit that you start to shine and innovate. I have many mentors that will tell you that if you want to succeed then you have to do the work. Even when you don’t want to do it anyways. Average people will not do whatever it takes to see the end goals of true success and financial freedom. Watch my mentor Andy at First Phorm and The MFCEO project talk about doing the work.

Andy is a true inspiration that will not put the fluff on anything you have to know about how to get to your end game of a successful life. He is a young entrepreneur and his skill set has proven a winning formula that has taken him and his teams to the winner’s circle in the supplement industry.

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